What is 'Coming to Wakanda'?

Coming to Wakanda is a one-time experience tailored for black moviegoers, blerds, afrofuturism enthusiast, cosplayers, etc to have an enjoyable experience around the first major black superhero to grace the big screen ‘Black Panther’. The name was a play on words inspired by the classic film ‘Coming to America’, and the idea that for many the lore of Wakanda is a new place they will be “going to”. This character has been in the wings for over 50 years, and we wanted to create a safe, comfortable environment for black moviegoers during their first time witnessing this shift and redefinition of what a hero is. Cosplay is encouraged. Regular garb is encouraged. Ethnic/familial ensemble is encouraged. Feel free to express your beautiful, black, brilliant self however you would like!

Who is it for?

Coming to Wakanda is for individuals who are black descendants / black identifying. Wherever you fall on the spectrum of blackness, whether you African, African-American or bi/multi-racial - this event is for you. If you are black and nerdy/ queer/LGBTQ/womanist, etc. this event is for you. This is an inclusive, safe environment for our community and those who identify or acknowledge their black identity throughout the diaspora, across intersections.

Where is it?

We’d like to say ‘Wakanda is Everywhere. Wakanda is a state of mind. Wakanda is forever…” However, this event is one time only in the following cities:
Atlanta, GA
Oakland, CA

When is it?

February 15 or 16th depending on your local theater. 

What about kids?

Our February 15th screening is more focused on the adults (18+), we HIGHLY encourage parents to register their son or daughter (7-17) for the free matinee screenings. These will be scheduled for opening week between February 17th and February 24th. These screenings will allow young black boys and girls to see the film with their peers, and also interact with local organizations dedicated to black youth enrichment including but not exclusive to STEM organizations like Black Girls Code, Qeyno Labs, Hidden Genius Project, Goodie Nation, etc.  We require at least 1 parent/legal guardian for any child under the age of 13, but please no more than 2 adults per group of children. Each seat an adult takes, is a seat a child would have to attend - so please be mindful and respectful of the mission for youth outreach. 

Why is STEM important for black boys and girls specifically?

For youth, 'Black Panther" presents possibly first time ever they will not only see black super heroes and super heroines - they will see them controlling, creating and engaging with technology in a manner they have never seen. This is particularly important for black youth as popular culture plays a vital role in how they view themselves, their possibilities and people who look like them.  We want to make sure we take an opportunity to leverage that crystallizing moment to connect black youth with STEM/STEAM initiatives in their surrounding communities and give them some tools to get started on their journey in shaping their own futures.

I would like to attend and consider myself an ally.

Allies are appreciated, but we would like for you to take a few thoughts into consideration:
1) Is there a black person that would like to sit in the space you would occupy at the screening?
2) There is always the opportunity to donate, support and donate to a screening for youth

This sounds great! I want to help!

Great! We’re currently working with sponsors, partners and volunteers.

If you’re interested in sponsoring reachout to our team at sponsorships@comingtowakanda.com.

Partnerships Interested in partnering and have a business or organization relevant to afrofuturism, merch design, black youth enrichment or anything blerd/comic related? Reach out to partnerships@comingtowakanda.com or check out our Partnership Guidelines doc.

Volunteers Interested in volunteering? We love volunteers! Sign up here and our Volunteer Squad will reach out to you. Currently we’re estimating a need for 10 volunteers per screening for both the premiere event and the youth matinee. Aside from meeting similarly minded folks, and the joy of helping this event come to fruition you will receive:

1) Swag Pack filled with merch a Tee, hat, patch
2) 1 free ticket to attend the screening

How can I help spread the word.

The preview screening is currently sold out, and we're currently in the fundraising phase for the youth matinee screenings. Feel free to share the GoFundMe campaign or share the donation link here. If you know a parent, community or youth group in the Atlanta or Oakland communities that have youth that would like to attend, please direct them to either of our intake surveys:
Atlanta youth screening survey   |     Oakland youth screening survey

Share, but we encourage you to share responsibly to avoid unwanted or hostile elements. Security measures and precautions will be taken for our screenings, but the added awareness of who you share with helps ensure this event is a safe space for all of us. Share, but share wisely.

Hope to see you soon,
Team Coming to Wakanda